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Syzygy Tile

Syzygy Tile

High-end tile company specializing in handcrafted products for your home. Made To Order—Custom Tile.

Dwellings Tile, Stone & Design is proud to partner with Syzygy—American-made, made-to-order, custom tile. Syzygy custom-made tile is s a complete line of field tiles and an extensive collection of decorative tiles. A wide selection of trim and finish tiles is also available.

Syzygy Tile is a tile company that specializes in high-quality handmade tiles. They create beautiful works of art that can be used as decorative features throughout your home. Syzygy Tile believes that every room has its own story, and they hope their products can help bring those stories to life.

Syzygy Tile is a handmade American product with a distinctive character. One hundred sixteen amazing colors are applied by hand, creating unique and fabulous designs. In 2018 Lee and David sold Syzygy to longtime employee Josh White and his wife, Carolyn.

Skilled artisans in Silver City, New Mexico handmake the tile. Every tile is made to order, bringing a personal touch to every piece. Syzygy believes that creating beautiful tiles enhances the lives of everyone who comes in contact with it.

The artists at Syzygy tile use high-fire to bake red clay for the custom tiles. Syzygy aims to produce beautiful, environmentally sound tiles that will stand the test of time both structurally and aesthetically.

High-Fired Clay Tiles

High-fired clay tiles are made from a mixture of clay and other ingredients, such as sand and water. They are fired at extremely high temperatures, which makes them stronger than other types of ceramic tiles.

Shapes, Sizes & Textures

Syzygy offers mozaics and mozaic borders in all colors with color blends, trim tile, decorative border and liner tile with matching molding and accessories.


Stipple – Stipple tile is a type of decorative tile that gives the illusion of individual tiles. The main difference between stipple and other types of decorative tiles is how it looks; stipple resembles tiny dots on a surface, which gives it its name (stippled). Patterns include San Felipe, Starlight, and Chevron.

Dimensionals – Dimensionals are great for small projects or commercial projects. The tiles can be used in large areas to cover a lot of space, but they’re also ideal for smaller spaces like bathrooms or kitchens. Dimensional tiles are made from ceramic or porcelain.

Cuenca – Cuenca tile is a type of ceramic flooring. It’s made in the city of Cuenca and has been used for centuries. The original purpose was to keep the dirt off floors while creating warmth and beauty in homes. Today, it’s still used as an alternative to stone or wood flooring that can be installed throughout your house or in certain areas, such as kitchen backsplashes.

Sygma – Sygma tile has an intricate design and a matte finish. It’s made of ceramic and has smaller tiles than traditional ones, so it’s more affordable. The interlocking pattern allows you to create beautiful designs with ease.

Optics – Optics tiles are a type of porcelain tile. They’re available in a variety of colors and have many uses, including on floors, walls, and countertops. Optics tiles are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to give their home or business a professional look without the cost of installing natural stone.

At Dwellings Tile, Stone & Design, we’re proud to partner with Syzygy. Their handmade tile is the finishing touch on any remodel or upgrade. 

If you’re considering renovating your home, contact us today. We carry various products from some of the most popular brands. Let’s create something great together!