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Get access to exclusive Pratt & Larson tile products in Northwestern Washington.

Dwellings Tile, Stone & Design is extremely proud to be part of the Pratt & Larson dealer network. Contractors, designers, and homeowners trust the quality of the products because they appreciate the fine craftsmanship and won’t settle for less than the best when designing their tile projects.

Dwellings Tile, Stone & Design has a long and successful relationship with Pratt & Larson, including extensive training experience with their products and processes. We are your #1 Bellevue resource for Pratt & Larson products because of our partnership. We can answer any questions you have while guiding you toward your vision.

Pratt & Larson

Since 1979 Pratt & Larson has been creating tiles in Portland, Oregon. They are the “true standard in luxury tile.” The company believes in a mission of enriching people’s lives through their products. Their passion statement says, “ We are alchemists who appreciate the magic of luxury handmade tile.”

At Dwellings Tile, Stone & Design, our mission is to bring our partnership with Pratt & Larson to you by offering craftsmanship and innovation to create timeless products. Today Pratt & Larson is renowned for its high-end custom tile, exclusive designs, and meticulous attention to detail.

We believe every detail should be extraordinary, which is why we partner with this company. Quality matters. And it shows in every one of their products. We never compromise on material selection or artistry to cut costs. We do what it takes to ensure each piece is impeccable, including bringing in artisans from all over the world with rare skills to produce some of our more intricate patterns. 

We bring the most sophisticated, elegant, and highest-quality tile to you, so you don’t have to travel the world to find the best product. You can get it right here in Bellevue.


Glazed Tile

“Ceramic glazing is an art infused with science.” – Pratt & Larson.

The color of ceramic glaze isn’t visible until the tile emerges from kiln— Each ceramic tile is handcrafted using traditional techniques that date back centuries, and is carefully fired in handmade to ensure durability and strength.

Field Tile

Field tile is the largest and most expansive surface of the tile in a room, including floors and walls. Unlike border or accent tile (like mosaics), the tile occupies the most extensive surface area. Field tile includes  squares and rectangles among other various shapes and surfaces.


Mosaic tile is an exciting, versatile option for your next project. It can bring a splash of color to a new space or update the look of an older room. Plus, its durability makes it perfect for special projects such as flooring and countertops.

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In reality, you can’t travel all over the world to ensure your project contains high quality tile. If you are a contractor installing tile in a public space, you have to be confident about the quality of the tile you are promising. 

That is why Dwellings Tile, Stone & Design carries only the finest materials crafted from the highest-rated tile manufacturers in the world, both locally and internationally. All you have to do is call or visit us in Bellevue, Wa. (425) 882-0707

The handmade tiles we offer are crafted from natural elements and are the ideal way to add personality, style, and color to your home. Our tile showroom in Bellevue, Washington houses a vast selection of hand-crafted tiles made in the USA (Italy, Spain, Canada, Mexico), offering you more options than you’ll find at any other local tile showroom.

At Dwellings Tile, Stone & Design, we are passionate about providing our clients with exceptional customer service, the most knowledgeable product insight, and tile design support. 

With a wide range of tile types, including ceramic, porcelain, stone, and glass, we encourage you to visit us at our showroom or use our website to place your order for delivery directly to your home.





The difference is Dwellings Tile, Stone & Design

We offer a vast selection of tiles and mosaics available in all finishes. Whether it be glass, porcelain, or natural stone or ceramic; our goal is to provide customers with the highest-quality tile, creating a unique, timeless, and stunning design. 

We are a source of support and inspiration for those who design. We provide the tools you need to find—and create—your perfect dream space.

“Beautiful collection of natural stone and tile products. Colin was great at showing us around and explaining the features of the different flooring and wall materials.” ~ David Campana

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